Green Apple Day of Service

August 09, 2017 by Andrew

The Green Apple Day of Service is an opportunity to join schools across the world in celebrating the central role that schools play in preparing the next generation of global leaders. Since 2012, more than 790,000 volunteers in 73 countries have participated in events, affecting the learning environments of over 7 million students and teachers. Every event is a chance to give students hands-on experience with sustainability and to strengthen civic leadership, environmental literacy, and project management skills. Learn more about the Green Apple Day of Service at

During the 2013-2014 school year, Robious Elementary School presented a multi-part, multi-year plan to the school administration and the County Parks and Recreation personnel that would address the aesthetic issues at the front of the school, reduce maintenance needs, improve visibility for safety reasons, and become integrated into the learning opportunities at every grade level. Students, teachers, and parents provided needed maintenance in the existing planting beds, installed additional vegetation in these beds, and did a general trash pickup around the school. Specific learning targets for this day were developed and distributed. Following the event, the fourth grade classes identified, studied, and proposed solutions for erosion issues around the balance of the school property.

School staff at Robious Elementary, Green Team Leaders, and students share the story from their point of view in the following video.


On April 30th, 2017, parents, faculty, and fellow students (mostly members of the Environmental Cabinet of the Student Leadership Council) came together for a service day in the school courtyards and grounds of Clover Hill Elementary. Twenty-five volunteers worked on projects in the two school yards, the front entrance, and in an outdoor classroom in the front of the school. Enhancements to the landscape included repairing damaged furniture, removing weeds, trimming overgrown plants, planting colorful annuals, and mulching. The result of the renovation project was an attractive and more functional landscape design. View all project details and pictures on Clover Hill Elementary School’s Green Blog. Mini Grants are available! Click here for more information on funding opportunities.

Clover Hill Elementary School Ground


Crew at Work

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