Green Apple Day of Service

October 09, 2018 by Andrew

Green Apple Day of Service kicks off this month! Join schools across the world in celebrating the central role that schools play in preparing the next generation of sustainability leaders. Since 2012, more than 900,000 volunteers in 80 countries have participated in events, affecting the learning environments of over 4 million students and teachers. With 1 in 8 people around the globe attending a school every day, there is more work to be done!

Every event is a chance to give students hands-on experiences with sustainability and to strengthen civic leadership, environmental literacy, and project management skills. 

Each year, participants set their own project date for any time throughout the school year. For projects registered by March 15, 2019, Green Apple Day of Service is using the platform to drive donations to schools, and the Center for Green Schools and its partners are providing thousands of dollars in funding to projects that are registered by the deadline. Registered projects are also nominated for Green Apple Day of Service awards, which are given on stage at the annual Green Schools Conference.

You can learn more about Green Apple Day of Service and sign up at

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