Lifesavers of the Chesapeake Bay

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Students launch on a journey to four high-activity learning stations. Earning a large wooden lifesaver at each station, students gain important information about the geography, biology, and ecology of the Chesapeake Bay. They discover its relationship to themselves as watershed residents and ways they can help to preserve and protect the estuary and our local waterways. In the process, students see that the water quality in our local stream, the Antietam Creek, is directly related to the health of all water bodies downstream, including the Bay. Point and non-point sources of pollution are discussed.

  • Organization(s): Renfrew Institute for Cultural and Environmental Science
  • Location: 1010 East Main Street, Waynesboro, PA 17268
  • Theme(s): Habitats and Critters, Pollution and Pressures, Land Use and Agriculture
  • Level(s): Elementary School, Middle School
  • Program Length(s): Day Trips
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