Annapolis Maritime Museum Pre-K Outreach

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During this outreach program Museum staff visit the Pre-k classrooms and offer a one-hour hands-on lesson, a read-aloud book and a song introducing the students to the Chesapeake Bay oyster and the life that exists on an oyster reefs. Through the use of their senses the students experience the texture of the oyster shells, the smell of the brackish water, and the small critters that call the oyster reef home. The lesson is completed with a craft which the students can take home and share what they learned about life on an oyster reef with their families.

  • Organization(s): Annapolis Maritime Museum
  • Location: 723 2nd St, Annapolis, DC 21403
  • Theme(s): Habitats and Critters
  • Level(s): Early Learning, Elementary School, Middle School, High School
  • Program Length(s): Day Trips
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