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Rice Rangers

The Rice Rangers program equips teachers with training, lessons, and materials necessary to empower students to grow native wetland plants from seed in the classroom and transplant into tidal marshes. It also provides students with a service learning opportunity to increase filtering capacity and habitat in the rivers that flow into the Anacostia River and Chesapeake Bay. During the course of the project, students will investigate the Anacostia Watershed’s built and natural environments, and analyze the effects of human activities that alter the equilibrium of natural processes. Specifically, participants will learn that stormwater runoff from the built environment contributes to a variety of pollution issues, which pose serious challenges to a watershed system. The students actively learn to restore equilibrium of natural processes through wetland restoration.

Organization(s): Anacostia Watershed Society
Location: 2000 Half Street, SW Washington, DC 21046 (Map It)
Theme(s): Pollution and Pressures, Restoration
Level(s): Elementary School, Middle School, High School
Program Length(s): Day Trips
Keywords: pollution, stormwater, water quality
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Watershed Explorers Program

Watershed Explorer innovative, hands-on environmental science program helps middle and high school students develop a closer connection with the natural world around them. Using the Anacostia River as living example and natural laboratory, WE learning modules highlight the many connections between ecological and human communities. Students receive a wide variety of enriching experiences by engaging in multiple classroom sessions, an outdoor field study on the Anacostia, and a practical environmental restoration service project.

Organization(s): Anacostia Watershed Society
Location: 4302 Baltimore Avenue Bladensburg, MD 20710 (Map It)
Theme(s): Habitats and Critters, Pollution and Pressures, Restoration, Land Use and Agriculture
Level(s): High School
Program Length(s): Multi-Day Trips
Keywords: boats, canoes and kayaks, pollution, land use, watershed, habitat and niche, water quality, wildlife
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