15 Simple Steps to Reduce Pests at School

  1. Keep storage items on shelves and off the floor.

  2. Limit areas for food storage and eating, and clean them daily.

  3. Empty trash daily.  Bag and completely close all garbage and place in dumpsters outside of the school building daily. Keep outdoor trash dumpsters away from school buildings.

  4. Regularly clean drains.

  5. Repair leaky faucets and pipes quickly.

  6. Install high-density door sweeps on all exterior doors to keep pests out.

  7. Keep vegetation and wood mulch one foot away from buildings.

  8. Aerate turf areas at least annually.

  9. Mow turf grass high to shade out weeds.

  10. Clean out lockers and desks regularly.

  11. Seal cracks and holes in buildings with caulk and screen patches.

  12. Block open spaces around utility pipes coming into the building with copper mesh wire. Open spaces as small as ¼ inch, or about the height of a dime, will allow mice and other pests into a building.

  13. Install screens on all windows, particularly if they are open during warm months.

  14. Clean and mop floors in all food service areas daily, including classrooms.

  15. Use sealable containers or canisters to provide secure storage for edible food items and snacks.