Trees & Shrubs: Choosing, Sourcing & Determining Numbers

Choosing native trees and shrubs that match your site conditions and your project goals is critical for the success and sustainability of any planting project. Simply follow the steps outlined below: Assess your school site, choose your plants, calculate numbers and draw a planting map, then look up a local nursery selling native plants. You’re on your way to a greener schoolyard!

Before You Start!

Conduct a School Grounds Site Assessment
Determine your zone: Coastal, Piedmont, Mountains
Forest Basics: Understanding the Layers of the Forest

Choose Your Plants

Native Trees and Shrubs: GENERAL
Chesapeake Region Native Plants
Characteristics of Important Tree Species in the Mid-Atlantic/Northeast Region

Choosing Native Trees & Shrubs: RIPARIAN BUFFER PROJECTS
Forests for the Bay: Native Trees & Shrubs for Riparian Buffer Projects
Forests for the Bay: Understory Plants for Riparian Forest Buffers

Choosing Native Trees & Shrubs: FOR WILDLIFE
Relative Value of Various Tree Species as Wildlife Food
Best Bets: Woody Plants to Attract Butterflies & Moths

Create Your Planting Map

Calculating Numbers & Developing a Planting Map
NOTE: Remember to plan for the height and spread of a tree or shrub at maturity!

Sourcing Native Trees & Shrubs

Where to Buy Native Plants