Funding Opportunities for Physical Fitness & Outdoor Time

  1. Raise awareness and funds! For example: A community walk or run with a modest sign-up cost, or an active relay for which students collect pledges, will help communicate your goals. Any event can help you publicize your efforts!
  2. Hold a fundraiser to purchase supplies to get kids outside! Items for your “wish list” might include:
    • Equipment for active outdoor play
    • Garden supplies such as shovels, rakes, plants and seeds
    • Outdoor investigation tools (magnifying glasses, binoculars, nets and guides)
    • Visit Acorn Naturalists for a wide selection of outdoor exploration & education items
  3. Fundraisers could also be a strategy to raise money for outdoor field trips!
  4. SuperFit School Challenge: Fundraiser encouraging healthy behavior
  5. Carol M. White Physical Education Program: Grants for School P.E. Programs