Improve & Maintain Your Woods

Do you have trees on or adjacent to your school grounds? Being able to understand and evaluate existing woodlands is the first step to determining what projects may potentially improve or enhance them. Visit the links below to learn to identify your trees and potential threats to them, and projects that can support woodland wildlife, provide educational and recreational opportunities for students and teachers, and help your trees survive and thrive!

Before You Start

Overview: Project Planning Basics

Overview: School Grounds Site Assessment

  • i-Tree Analysis Tools for Assessing & Managing Community Forests
  • Forests for the Bay Landserver Property Mapping Tool
  • Implementation

    Understanding Your Woods: Evaluation and Plant Identification

    Identifying & Managing Threats to Woodlands

    Beneath the Trees: Adding Other Woodland Plants

    Features to Attract & Support Wildlife


    Overview: Project Maintenance Basics

    Using Your Project

    Overview: Using Your Project

    Monitor for Change

    Bay Backpack: Bay Animals Lesson & Activities

    Project WILD (K-12)

    Project WILD: Growing Up WILD (Ages 3-7)

    Fostering Outdoor Observation Skills-Citizen Science K-8 (AFWA)

    Forests for the Bay (Scroll to Educator Resources)

    Eco School Sustainability Pathways Lessons & Resources

    Eco School National Standards & Curriculum Alignment

    Project Learning Tree Curriculum Offerings

    Eco Schools Green STEM Initiative

    Eco Schools LEAF Sustainability Pathway

    Sharing Your Project

    Overview: Sharing Your Project

    Resource Center

    Project Resource Library: Learn More!
    Eco Schools USA
    National & State Green School Programs
    Bay Backpack Teaching Resources Search Engine
    EPA Learning & Teaching About the Environment (awards, resources, more)