Plants in the Schoolyard

Close your eyes and visualize a typical schoolyard. What came to mind? Blacktop? Sidewalks?  A lawn with some shrubs along the school building? This is what many students and staff see when they look out a classroom window or enter & exit an average school building.  Adding plants to school grounds can provide exciting opportunities for learning, discovery, health and play!  Whether you’re creating a garden for butterflies or other wildlife, planting an edible or sensory garden, creating bean teepees, sunflower houses or willow tunnels for outdoor fun, planting shade trees or just having students garden in containers, plants can truly enrich the school day for children and adults.

Tip:  Have a question about plants for your schoolyard? Is it a good choice? Is it poisonous? How to care for it? There are experts at your local extension office who will be happy to answer your questions and provide planting tips and resources: Find Your County & State Extension Office.

Native & Invasive Plants
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Identify & Manage Invasive Species

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