Tips for Using Your Rain Barrel

  • Rain barrels can fill surprisingly fast during a storm, so using rain water instead of water from your home or school is an excellent method of water conservation. Stretch your water supply further by adding additional barrels.
  • Install a faucet (to fill buckets) or a hose spigot with an on/off switch to water gardens (Don’t expect high water pressure from your barrel, although elevating it on a platform can help with this). Soaker hoses can also be attached to a hose spigot to allow slow seepage of water into gardens.
  • Don’t use collected rainwater on edible plants: Rain barrels are an excellent source of water for any non-edible garden.  Rain barrels are not recommended as a water source for edible gardens however because they can collect a concentrated “first flush” of pollutants washing off roofs and shingles.
  • Other uses: Rainwater can be used to water gardens, wash things (like cars and tools), flush toilets and more!