Projects to Conserve Resources:
Reduce Environmental Cost & Impact

The cost and environmental impact of a school can vary widely depending on how the school addresses energy and water usage, the disposition and reduction of waste, and the design of the school building itself.  Thanks to the U.S. Green Ribbon Schools Program, Eco Schools USA and state green schools programs, there are now excellent guidelines and resources schools can utilize to significantly reduce environmental impact and costs. Learn more about how students and staff can implement initiatives to use less energy, less water, and fewer natural resources while developing the knowledge and skills to address sustainability and environmental issues in their community and beyond.

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Recycling & Waste Reduction

Americans generate millions of tons of trash in our homes and communities. Learn about school programs to reduce, recycle & reuse resources and inspire students & staff to reduce waste at school and beyond!

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  • Food Waste Reduction & Composting
  • Waste Free Lunches
  • Recycling & Waste Reduction Programs
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    School Energy Efficiency

    States spend more on energy than any other school-related expense, aside from personnel. Learn how to implement engaging energy conservation programs that can save money and even potentially produce funding for your school, as well as exciting options like solar, wind and green roofs!

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  • School Energy Efficiency Strategies
  • Recycle symbol made out of water

    Water Efficiency & Conservation

    According to the EPA, less than 1% of the Earth's water is usable for humans. With such a small amount of water available to us, small steps toward water conservation in our schools and communities can make a big impact.

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  • School Water Conservation Strategies