About Bay Backpack

Bay Backpack is an online resource that supports hands-on environmental learning. By providing educators with information about funding opportunities, field studies, and curriculum guides and lesson plans related to the Chesapeake Bay, Bay Backpack helps educators find the tools they need to give their students Meaningful Watershed Educational Experiences, or MWEEs. Through MWEEs, students of all ages develop a sense of environmental ethics and stewardship that will be essential to the long-term sustainability of the Chesapeake Bay and will serve as the foundation of a lifelong relationship with the environment.

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Delaware Coast Day

Sep 05, 2018 by Andrew

On October 7, 2018, University of Delaware’s Hugh R. Sharp’s campus in Lewes will host Delaware Coast Day where university scientists, staff, and students will help citizens to better understand ocean environments and learn how to serve coastal communities.

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The Roving Ranger: A Mobile Trailhead Serving up Chesapeake Bay Education

Aug 16, 2018 by Andrew

The Roving Ranger is a mobile trailhead designed to serve as a visitor contact and information center within the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Chesapeake Conservancy and National Park Service employees staff the vehicle to provide information about park sites, topics of interest, and park events. Staff also offer unique educational programs developed specifically for the Roving Ranger. Visitors to the Roving Ranger can collect a National Park passport stamp, pick up special junior ranger program books related to the Chesapeake Bay watershed, and participate in an interpretive program.

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Mr. Besley’s Forest: Maryland’s First State Forester

Aug 13, 2018 by Andrew

Maryland’s Big Tree Champions is one of the many innovative ideas by Maryland’s first state forester, Fred W. Besley, whose dedication and vision laid the groundwork for the system of state forests and parks that currently exist in the state. He developed a successful educational campaign about the need for fire suppression and scientific forest management. This unit challenges students to move beyond the foundations of language to a mature application of facets of communication. The Big Tree Curriculum and documentary on Mr. Besley’s Forest are embedded and take a deeper look into forest conservation.

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