About Bay Backpack

Bay Backpack is an online resource that supports hands-on environmental learning. By providing educators with information about funding opportunities, field studies, and curriculum guides and lesson plans related to the Chesapeake Bay, Bay Backpack helps educators find the tools they need to give their students Meaningful Watershed Educational Experiences, or MWEEs. Through MWEEs, students of all ages develop a sense of environmental ethics and stewardship that will be essential to the long-term sustainability of the Chesapeake Bay and will serve as the foundation of a lifelong relationship with the environment.

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Roosevelt’s Reforestation Army

Apr 05, 2019 by Andrew

This compelling story tells about Roosevelt’s reforestation army and the tribute made by the boys in Maryland’s Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) honoring those men who improved, restored, and enhanced our national public lands. Included in this story is a downloadable Universal Design Learning Plan. The material is tied to STEM & Humanities curriculum.

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2019 Climate Change Academy for Educators

Apr 03, 2019 by Andrew

This summer NOAA, DE Sea Grant, MD NERRS, and DE NERRS are partnering to offer the 2019 Climate Change Academy for Educators. This includes both online and in-person components in addition to implementation of climate topics into your class/programs.

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