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Climate change field investigations - teacher workshop opportunity

Jul 09, 2015 by Julie Walker

Climate change is happening. How can we engage our students in learning more about—and measuring—the effects of shifting conditions on our natural resources? Come to this workshop to test some new field investigations for middle and high school students.  ​ These are all outdoor activities students can use to investigate their schoolyards and other areas, to understand how climate change is affecting wildlife, plants, and habitats. The lessons offer ways to apply NGSS science practices, integrate STEM and environmental literacy with other disciplines, inspire stewardship actions and participate in citizen science, and get outside!

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Free online weather & climate course for K-12 teachers!

Jun 11, 2015 by Julie Walker

DataStreme Atmosphere is a major precollege teacher enhancement initiative of the American Meteorological Society with the main goal of training of Weather Education Resource Teachers who will promote the teaching of science, mathematics and technology using weather as a vehicle, across the K-12 curriculum in their home school districts.The initial step in the training of Resource Teachers is their participation in the DataStreme Atmosphere distance-learning course. The 13-week course is offered twice a year to selected participants. It focuses on the study of the atmospheric environment through the use of electronically transmitted weather data and learning materials combined with Study Guide readings and investigations.

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