Conservation Landscaping and Schoolyard Habitat Toolkits

February 19, 2010 by Karen

As communities all across the Bay region are reexamining how to maximize the ecological potential of community spaces, the USFWS Schoolyard Habitat Partnership with the Maryland Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education and the NOAA Bay Watershed Education and Training Program releases the capstone toolkits of their 6-year partnership.  These toolkits are designed to help project leaders access the best available resources to help create excellent Schoolyard Habitat and conservation landscaping projects.

Conservation landscapes are landscapes designed, planted and maintained to benefit people and the local ecosystem. The Toolkit for Conservation Landscaping for Community Spaces provides a framework for project designers to achieve a balance between ecologically significant landscaping and community engagement.

Excellent Schoolyard Habitat projects need support both with on-the-ground project implementation and classroom curricular-connections. The Schoolyard Habitat Program Development Toolkit enables providers of environmental education programs to more effectively assist schools in the development of sustainable, integrated schoolyard habitat projects.

These productions of the Schoolyard Habitat Partnership cannot be copied for resale however it can be copied for educational purposes.

Download the Toolkits


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