Introduction to Environmental Education 5-Week Online Course

October 30, 2018 by Andrew

Learn about environmental education foundations and approaches—including place-based education, nature and adventure education, climate change education, and environmental action in schools and non-formal settings—through pre-recorded lectures, readings, and case studies. Participants can form local groups to take the course together, form bilingual groups to help participants with limited English, or try out new media like Comic Life to get their educational message across. You will apply research-based knowledge to start new or enhance existing environmental education programs, strengthen your professional networks by exchanging ideas and resources with peer educators around the world, and gain professional credentials.

Through this course, you will:
1. Understand theories, terminology, and history that define environmental education.
2. Compare and contrast various environmental education approaches.
3. Expand your network of environmental educators to support your future projects.
4. Produce activity plans appropriate for your current or future educational programs.

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