March 13, 2018 by Andrew

“Founded by author and educator Dr. Harold I. Sharlin (1925–2017), RESET is a successful educational nonprofit that has served the Washington, DC metro area since 1988. Through hands-on science lessons, interactive experiments, and related field trips, RESET volunteers teach children in ways that are engaging, relevant, and fun, helping them to make important connections between life and learning.”

“An innovative teaching model, RESET is based on the premise that children must enjoy exciting and positive experiences with Science-Technology-Engineering-Math (STEM) subjects as early as possible to sustain interest, motivation, and performance in these subjects throughout their educational career.”

I have had the privilege to help support RESET at schools in my area by bringing science lessons and volunteers into the classroom. From teaching 4th graders about cloud formations using shaving cream to identifying as many bugs and plants we can find around the schoolyard to understand biodiversity, RESET is an excellent opportunity to get students excited about science and inspire the next generation of environmental stewards.

Learn more about RESET and discover how you can advance science and education in your neighborhood!

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