Teaching with i-Tree

May 17, 2018 by Andrew

Project Learning Tree’s Teaching with i-Tree unit includes three hands-on activities that help middle and high school students discover and analyze the many ecosystem services that trees provide. Students input data they collect into a free online tool that calculates the dollar value of the benefits provided by a tree, or a set of trees.

The activities can be used in formal classroom settings or with non-formal groups, such as scouts, students enrolled in after-school programs, and visitors to nature centers and parks. The activities require minimal preparation and supplies, and work in urban, suburban, or rural settings. As they complete the activities, students will apply STEM skills to learn the following:

-How to identify trees
-How to measure and assess the health of trees
-The value of trees and their role in mitigating greenhouse gases, improving air quality, intercepting stormwater, lowering a building’s energy use, etc.
-How to calculate the dollar value of the benefits provided by a tree or a set of trees
-How to analyze and interpret their findings
-How to use i-Tree tools to develop plans to improve the environmental functions that trees provide on their school grounds or in their community.

To see the full list of lessons offered and learn more about how i-Tree works, download their free online guide here.

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